“Just A Rude Person, You Are”: Donald Trump Lashes Out At CBS News’ Paula Reid After She Asks Him, “Where Is The Plan?”

President Donald Trump had a long interview with reporters at the White House on Tuesday, but was irritated by CBS News reporter Paula Reid for his question or the way it was asked.

Reid asked, “Mr. Mr. President, why have you not announced a plan to bring 36 million Americans out of work? You oversee historic economic desperation. What’s the delay? Where’s the plan? ”

Trump replied, “Oh, I think we announced a plan. We open our country – just a rude person, you are. We open our country and we open it very quickly. The plan is that each state opens and opens very effectively, and when you see the numbers, I think even you will be impressed, which is quite difficult to impress.

“Trump had chastised Reid before, when he held nightly coronavirus task force briefings that ended last month. He also brutally ended a media availability last week following an incident with Weijia Jiang, CBS News correspondent, Kaitlan Collins of CNN and Yamiche Alcindor of PBS Newshour. He also complained about Reid and Jiang’s “attitude” in a recent interview with the New York Post.

Earlier this week, he criticized CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell on a segment she did in 60 minutes with coronavirus whistleblower Rick Bright.

Trump has also championed hydroxychloroquine as a treatment or even prevention for the coronavirus. He said the drug has been “incredibly effective” for malaria and lupus. “What has been determined is that it doesn’t hurt you,” he said. “A very powerful drug, I guess, but it doesn’t hurt you. So I thought of it as a first line defense – I thought it might be fine. I had no impact. I feel the same. I haven’t changed, I don’t think too much. ”

The Food and Drug Administration warned in late April that the drug should not be taken to treat coronavirus outside of a hospital setting or clinical trial, noting the risks of heart rhythm problems. The FDA has authorized emergency use when clinical trials are not available.

Trump said on Monday that he has been taking the drug for a week and a half to prevent the coronavirus. President’s doctor Sean Conley released a note later today saying that he and Trump had had many discussions about using the drug and “we concluded that the potential benefits of the treatment outweigh the risks. relative “.

The president also appeared to reject a study by the Veterans Administration on the use of hydroxychlorquin. who found no evidence that the drug reduced the risks associated with the virus. He also found “an increase in overall mortality has been identified in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine alone”.

Trump told reporters that “there has been a bogus study where they gave it to very sick people, extremely sick people, people who were ready to die.” It was not donated by friends of the administration. He previously called the study “an enemy enemy declaration.”

The VA analysis was published before the peer review. He examined 368 patients with coronavirus in the VA healthcare system. The people in the study were around 70 years old, according to Physicians Weekly.

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