Northern Nigerian youths show off their wealth while celebrating Eid Mubarak (photos)

Arewa has remained the number 1 trending topic on Twitter for hours after Northern youths took to Twitter to share photos as they celebrated Eid Mubarak.

Most of the photos were taken while standing close to their luxury cars. Some went as far as sharing videos of their garage with numerous luxury cars. Others posed for photos in private jets.

Other Twitter users were amazed at how much money is in the North.

One particular Twitter user who posed with two Rolls Royce cars in the background shocked people when he revealed his father has 3 Rolls Royce and 7 BMWs.

The show of wealth angered some Nigerians from the South. They said the northerners’ wealth is from “oil” and also money made from politics and public funds. They added that it’s not right that northerners should own so much, whereas people from Niger Delta, where the oil comes from, are languishing in poverty.

This soon led to an argument on Twitter while Arewa Twitter users continued to show off their wealth.

Below are some tweets.

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