Famous stars who have died due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus has claim alot of lives since it came into banter with mankind. Countries like Italy, USA and Germany has lost plenty lives to the viral virus.

As we speak, its still claiming lives from around the world including our dear land Ghana. As it stands, Ghana have lost 38 lives to the deadly virus.

Well, we’ve comb around the world to compile some prominent people who mysteriously died by the virus below are the list

The global COVID19 cases stand at over 6.4 million, over 3 million recoveries, and sadly, over 382,921 deaths recorded worldwide. The death toll includes famous people and government officials.

The virus doesn’t consider gebder or status, it kill from all angels. Stay safe

1. Luis Sepulveda – A best selling writer in Chile

2. Ahmed Ismail Hussein Hudeidi – The originator if Modern Somalia Music

4. Dolors Sala Carrio – Pep Guadiola’s(Man City’s coach) mother

5. Alan Merrill – famous songwriter

6. Oape Diof – Ex president for France’s Marseille Olympics

7. Ken Shimura – Japan Comedian

8. David Hodgkiss – Lancashire Cricket Club chairman

9. Floyd Cardoz – Renowed Turkish Politico

10. Manu Dibango – Cameroonian Afro jazz legend

11. Abba Kyari – Nigeria Chief of Staff

12,Haydar Bas – Great Turkish Politician

13 Dimitris Kremastinos – Ex Greek Health Minister

14. Shaheen Raza – Local legislator for Pakistani

15.Ty – Hip – Pop Uk star in UK

The above are shortlist of some renowed and well recognized personalities who have died by Coronavirus. Follow this blog, Stay atune with us and enjoy our services

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